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Superior Textbooks

 Science — last up for local Texas adoption in 2013
High School : McGraw CINCH was the best of three online Biology supplements adopted in 2011 in treatment of evolution.
High School : Unfortunately none distinguished itself. All three major publishers' 2004 Biology I books censored scientific weaknesses in evolutionary theories.
5th grade : The 2000 editions of Scott Foresman Science and Harcourt Science were clearly superior.
Biology resources from other organizations.
 Elementary Math — last up for local Texas adoption in 2013
3rd grade : SRA Real Math (2009) excelled in most areas, followed by Saxon Math (2008).
6th grade : Saxon Math – Course 1 dominated
 Social Studies — last up for local Texas adoption in 2014
5th grade : Harcourt Horizons: U.S. History ranked best out of three 2003 American History surveys.
High School : Glencoe's The American Republic Since 1877 was far better.
 Reading — last up for local Texas adoption in 2011
1st grade : SRA Imagine It! bested the other four California programs in the '09 adoption.
1st grade : SRA Texas Imagine It! came out on top of the four programs up for 2010 Texas local adoption.
1st grade ESL : Texas Treasure Chest was best overall out of four Grade 1 "English as a Second Language" programs in the 2011 local Texas adoption.
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By Texas veteran teacher Donna Garner, prime mover of the "Texas Alternative Document," this 10-module, 115-total page study guide encapsulates what your teenager must know about English grammar. Email us for info on obtaining these. We can refer you to the source.