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Norma Gabler reunited with Mel

Norma Gabler

Early Sunday morning on July 22, 2007, our Norma Gabler, age 84, reunited with Mel, this time forever in heaven; and met her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This after more than two years of cumulative small strokes had progressively diminished her ability to speak or move, though her mind remained clear. She died in Phoenix, where her eldest son Jim, who lives there, took her last February, but burial was beside Mel in Longview, Texas, after her funeral there on Saturday, July 28.

Even her many secular obituaries were unanimous that Mrs. Gabler had fought a good fight, had finished her course, had kept the faith. Strong-minded, quick-witted, well-spoken, clear-sighted: that was Norma. She and Mel were the kindliest of bosses; for a better, we often said, we would have to die and go to heaven ourselves. To us, Educational Research Analysts is "the Mel Gablers" still. Thanks for your prayers as we extend their legacy for another generation.

~ Neal Frey, Senior textbook analyst

Posthumous recognition:  On September 21, 2007, Texas' State Board of Education passed a resolution honoring the late Mel & Norma Gabler, founders of Educational Research Analysts, for their many years of work to improve public school text­books. At the same meeting, Board chairman Don McLeroy read a letter from Texas gov­ernor Rick Perry commending the Gablers' long service.
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