Educational Research Analysts


Winning at games educrats play

Across the country at all grade levels
the education establishment is rewriting public school course standards.
Derail its OBE (Outcome Based Education) agenda by insisting on ...

three purposes, not one

Educrats want very vague course standards, supposedly for local curriculum directors to flesh out. Make them admit that this same document really must also define textbook content and student exit test standards.

specifics, not generalities

Educrats' vague course standards permit overgrading student underachievement. Make them publicly face your incessant, unanswerable charge that without specific course standards they cannot define academic rigor.

"should," not "shall"

Do educrats' course standards tell what students shall learn or should learn? Make them clarify them to mean "should," or teachers will have endlessly to reteach a dumbed-down curriculum to the level of the slowest.

"what," not "how"

To your call for academically-rigorous course content standards, educrats will retort that you want to dictate teaching methodology. Make it plain to the media that your concern is the "what," not the "how," of learning.

mandates, not options

Educrats word course standards deliberately. Make the point that textbook publishers and test writers read what follows "including" in a standard as requirements; they interpret what follows "such as" as suggestions.

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In this battle, we suggest that you: