2006 Stamp of Approval from Homeschooling Parent magazine

"Phonics Pathways is organized by sounds and spelling patterns. They are introduced one at a time and slowly built into words, syllables, phrases, and sentences. Each new step builds upon previously learned skills for continuous review and enforcement. Learning in small, incremental steps is easier for everyone, especially for students with learning disabilities.

Short vowel sounds are presented first as they are the basic foundation that is needed to build good reading and spelling skills. These sounds and syllables are learned in the same way that we learn math, by pattern, and in order of complexity. Spelling variations and sight words are not introduced until basic reading skills are well established.

Graduated blending exercises are incorporated as part of the teaching technique in this book. These blending exercises begin with seventeen pages of two-letter blends to establish smooth, strong left-to-right eye tracking skills. Two-letter blends are integrated into meaningful words as soon as possible, beginning with three-letter words. Blending sounds into words we already know also helps prevent reading without understanding.

Accuracy in reading and spelling is taught from the very first lesson. Phonics Pathways contains all the spelling rules and is a complete spelling reference.

All examples and practice readings are included, which are completely decodable, and comprised of only letters, sounds, and rules already learned. Large 24-point letters are used for the text making it easy for beginning readers to process. Appropriate for K-2 emergent readers, sudents with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, and ESL students.

Phonics Pathways also includes wise humorous, proverbs that encourage virtues such as patience, perserverance, honesty, compassion, courage, and loyalty."

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