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Public School Textbook Ratings and Review Criteria

 How Do Your Kids' Books Rate?      

We can show you.  We have reviewed many current public school textbooks, including 2020 editions.

Textbook Ratings
  • Reading and Literature
    • Elementary Reading
    • High/Middle School Literature
    • E.S.L.
  • Science
    • Elementary Science
    • Middle School Science
    • High School Biology I
  • Math
  • Social Studies
    • Elementary Social Studies
    • Middle School Social Studies
    • High School U.S. History
    • High School World History
    • High School Economics
  • Health

 What Do We Look For?      

Standardized criteria are essential when comparing textbooks. Available here are excerpts of our standard review criteria. You can use them to check your child's textbooks, choose books on a textbook selection commit­tee, or evaluate the books you use in the classroom.

   Review Criteria for:

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 For More Information      

We primarily analyze public school textbooks submitted for Texas adoption, often used nationwide. We address the subject areas listed to the left.
Our review schedule follows Texas' adoption cycle.

No public school textbook company funded these reviews in any way.  We do not have, nor have we ever had, any financial stake in any publisher.  Our income comes from concerned individuals and a few small foundations.  Unlike publisher sales reps, we have no monetary interest in the outcome of any textbook adoption.

We review textbooks for academic content only.  Parents, teachers, and school board members can all profitably use our materials.  Do not submit our reviews to school boards.  A presentation in your own words will be more effective.  Contact us for instructions on making your own reviews.  We can also suggest alternatives to inappro­priate curricula.