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Big 2019 project: This year we review major publishers’ new 11th grade American Literature textbooks up for 2019 state approval and 2020 local Texas adoption. Our concern is the content of their reading selections. Texas’ regs for this course run to three dense single-spaced pages with tiny margins. They detail what skills 11th graders should develop … but never set rules for the contents of their reading selections. Leaving editors to their own devices in this huge vacuum, sans Texas direction, is folly. Texas cannot counterpoise California if Christian conservatives do not effectively stand in this gap. We will objectively rank these submitted programs by our unique standard review criteria on the subject.
Grade 1 Reading Under Review!January 2019  –  We have now reviewed the three major publishers' new Grade 1 English Reading programs approved by Texas' State Board of Education for 2019 local adoption. These will enter Texas 1st Grade classrooms in the fall of 2019 and remain there for at least 8 years, maybe longer. We scrutinized (1) how well they teach Reading by real phonics, and (2) story content. Our phonics review criteria this year match those in our report on Texas' current Grade 1 English Reading programs adopted in 2010.

We faxed our one-page summary comparison chart on these new programs to each Texas ISD and charter school in January 2019 – targeting textbook selection committees – with full, fast, FREE documentation emailed on request. To request our FULL REVIEW, just email us. See our summary comparison chart!

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