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Grade 1 Reading Under Review!August 2018  –  We are now reviewing the three major publishers' new Grade 1 English Reading programs submitted for 2018 Texas State Board of Education approval and 2019 local adoption. These will enter Texas 1st Grade classrooms in the fall of 2019 and remain there for at least 8 years, maybe longer. We are scrutinizing (1) how well they teach Reading by real phonics, and (2) story content.

We will fax our one-page summary comparison chart on those new programs twice to each Texas ISD and charter school in January 2019 – once to textbook selection committees and once to superintendents, with full, fast, FREE documentation emailed on request. Our 2018 phonics content review criteria match those in our report on Texas' current Grade 1 English Reading programs adopted in 2010.

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