Educational Research Analysts

1999 Elementary Math textbook ratings

Texas has approved these Elementary Math series for 1999 local adoption, which we rank as follows:
BEST  Math   • Saxon ©1997
VERY GOOD  SRA Math   • SRA ©1999
FAIR  Math Advantage   • Harcourt ©1999
POOR  Math   • Scott-Addison ©1999
POOR  The Path to Math Success   • Silver ©1999
VERY POOR  Math in My World   • McGraw ©1999
WORST  Everyday Mathematics   • Everyday Learning ©1998

This ranking shows how well those series develop automaticity in basic number facts, and student mastery of computation skills used in problem-solving, in third grade. We have available seven comparison charts on these third grade programs, free upon request, which spell out our standard review criteria for these ratings. For more information on these programs' emphasis on mastery of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts, see our comparison chart.

In reviewing these series, time and staff constraints compelled us to choose between doing one grade level well, or several poorly. We chose the former, and therefore critiqued only the third grade programs, confident that the methodologies we identified in third grade would also reappear at other grade levels.

No public school textbook company funded these reviews in any way. We do not have, nor have we ever had, any financial stake in any publisher. Our income derives from concerned individuals and a few small foundations. Unlike publisher sales reps, we have no monetary interest in any textbook adoption outcome.