Educational Research Analysts

weaknesses in evolutionary theory censored by
Biology: The Living Science
(Prentice Hall, 1998)

•  Evolutionary origins are not testable  •
(page 2)

•  No known mechanism can increase net genetic complexity  •
(page 3)

•  Human evolution is unproven  •
(page 4)

•  Embryology does not support evolution  •
(page 5)

•  Anatomical and biochemical similarities may conflict  •
(page 6)

Partial documentation of sources cited
(available on request)

Texas Proclamation 95 requires Biology I textbooks "to formulate, discuss, critique, and review hypo­theses, theories, laws, and principles and their strengths and weaknesses." Biology: The Living Science ignores this on evolution. Evolutionary scientists know arguments for evolution have scientific flaws. Their admissions in the following pages carry all the more weight because they have nothing to gain by making them.